Do You Really Matter?

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To think you are not what God says you are, or to think you are less than He says is not humility or modesty, but is actually a form of arrogance. It is you saying that you are right and God is  wrong.  Continue reading “Do You Really Matter?”

How and Why This Blog Started

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It was time. The book was ready to be written. Counting the ones never finished, I suppose it would be my fifth. This time, however, was going to be different. I read the writing courses, studied the rules, studied the material of some of the most successful writers, and better yet took a course by one of the best editors who had edited some of the best authors ever. All my typed notes on how to write a commercial success needed a two-inch notebook to hold them.

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Pulling Out Life’s Weeds

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As I pulled weeds listing to an MP3 on Forgiveness this morning, I realized how much working on yourself is like pulling the weeds, They are both something you would rather not do and perhaps only do if and when it is absolutely needed. Yet if you do not work on these things, the weeds will overrun everything and eventfully choke out most of what may be considered good. Continue reading “Pulling Out Life’s Weeds”