I am not a teacher, but rather more of a seeker. It is fun to look, watch, read, study and learn then to report back the findings. I, like you, am a fellow traveler. We exchange information, remind each other, and do whatever else it takes traveling down the old dirt road of life.

Feel free to comment or disagree on my blog. If you like the blog, sign up. Eventually, there may be a few surveys for input on subjects to explore.

It started by my reading lots of books and highlighting. I have lots of highlighted books now. Highlighting helps you remember. Writing things out helps to solidify what is learned and to pass it on to others in a simplified and usable form. Hopefully, others will give input and show me where I am incorrect, or at least give the other side of a subject or concept.

In 2015, I wrote an outline for a book. I followed all the rules and character and plot creation and was ready to fill in the blanks. Suddenly the interest was gone. It was all too pre-planned. Not only that, the book was nothing more than commercial rubbish, best not published in my real name.

The motivation was solely for any possible money it might yield. Chances are that earnings from working part time at a gas station would be more. The advice of doing what I loved sounded good, but that was reading. You cannot make a part-time job out of that, except for maybe writing on blogs or doing Youtube videos.

Everyone knows most bloggers make almost nothing. Still, a sixty-five cent month is quite a treat, much better than the three or four cent months. But hey, I would still read for free anyway, and would that low-brow commercial book earn much more?

This blog is not for everyone. It’s for those who reflect and like to learn. It is for those who like reviewing or learning new things or those who don’t have as much time to read. You will find a new post once every two weeks. This is partly because many people don’t have much time. Also, have you ever noticed that when many bloggers try to post too often, they end up posting fluff or junk.

It is possible a book will come based on the concepts I have been writing but, but that is off in the future. For now, keep coming back. Hopefully, you wall get new ideas, new thoughts and new ways of looking at life.


Paul Nieto – Writer at the Old Dirt Road.

If you are interested in more you may want to read How and Why This Blog Started from May of 2016.