The Social Reform Candidate

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A steampunk like short story exploring the darker hidden motives and attitudes of social and political reformers in an alternative historical timeline..

The carriage came to my office door promptly at eight o’clock. Bennett Wilson was always a prompt man. His driver opened the door of the Clarence coach. The driver showed me, then he opened a Moroccan leather covered box after I seated myself in the back. Continue reading “The Social Reform Candidate”

Could We Already Be Dead?

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“Could we already be dead?”

“Of course not!”

“How do you know?” Continue reading “Could We Already Be Dead?”

The Darker Side of Charity

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Is charity a killer in disguise? Here we look at this question, without emotion, from a perspective of mathematics and cause and effects relationships. Continue reading “The Darker Side of Charity”

Is the World Getting More Violent?

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The Dalai Lama’s book “The Art of Happiness in Troubled World” (the third in a series) has an interesting take on violence in general (and fear). Unfortunately, it more the writing of the psychologist, Howard C. Cutter, backing up the Dalai Lama with scientific studies than it is the Dalai Lama speaking. Therefore, it is a rather tedious book to read, but worth it.  Continue reading “Is the World Getting More Violent?”