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My Booklet on Setting for Novels

I am announcing that I recently put out a booklet on Kindle called “The Quick Essentials of Setting and Worldbuilding.” The goal is to help a person to think through the setting before starting to write their novel or short story. If you are interested, please check out and share this post.

I could also use a few reviews, if possible should you have anything good to say about it. The link to review is in the book. You can borrow it for free if you have Amazon Prime, but please leave a nice review if you take it out of the Amazon library.

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More About the Booket

This booklet presents the elements needed for the creation of setting or worldbuilding. Whether your work is a short story, novel, screenplay, or video game, the setting is a very important aspect of the work. Many new authors don’t give setting enough thought and attempt to improvise it as they write. Sometimes this results in inconsistencies noticed by the reader or a setting that is much like a cardboard box.

Many books are devoted to plot and character creation. Few books detail building the setting. The ones that do often include plot and character creation, with often less devotion to the setting than this small book.

This booklet presents the elements of setting and worldbuilding in a simplified manner and helps spark ideas for your work of fiction.

By setting up a strong framework, much like character creation, you can avoid, ambiguities, mistakes, and inconsistencies. You can use the setting or the world you create to enhance the story or create conflict in your story making for a better piece of fiction. The booklet is approximately 40 pages in length. Click here for details about the book.

Click now to purchase. Only $0.99 at Amazon. Free on Amazon Prime

40 Days of Forgiveness – What Can Be Learned?

I'm right!

Everyone knows you need to forgive, that it sets you free, and that you can’t be at peace until you have forgiven. We often see the results of someone that lacks forgiveness when something hits a nerve. The person suddenly turns into an angry and animated stranger within seconds.

The cost of not forgiving is steep. It is unhealthy emotionally. It helps fuel the bitterness and anger that is part of the root of many diseases and other physical conditions. The smartest thing we can do is to learn to forgive, not for the sake of the other person but for ourselves. Until we forgive, we are still chained to that person or event, frozen in time so to speak. No matter how much we believe we have buried something, it is still likely to come back, maybe even on an innocent person.

Armed with this knowledge, an article on brainwave technology appeared. The premise is that recordings at certain frequencies will bring your brain to the theta state, or the same state monks reach in meditation of years of practice. Interestingly, this state is ideal for reprogramming and new learning. Imagine my surprise when the system had a $700 price tag. The good news, as fate would have it, is I found a free sample on what else but forgiveness.

Armed with my new thirty-minute long MP3 download that included the latest in brainwave technology, I was ready to take on the holy grail of forgiveness. It sounded easy, after all, I had already forgiven everyone. It was only an exercise to be sure nothing was missed. I randomly decided on forty days with no less than 30 minutes per day, much of it during walks or while exercising, or before sleep in bed.
The frequencies were enjoyable. They were relaxing and could induce a lightheaded state. The positive forgiveness affirmations were simple and become predictable. Below are the observations and conclusions from the experience.

• It is easier to spot the lack of forgiveness in others now. It is much easier to see their past issues coming into the present situation.

• I am more aware of when I am not in a forgiving or accepting state, yet still get to that state despite the awareness of it.

• People often forget that forgiveness is not just for the past but that is also very important for the present moment. We seem trained to look at the past to forgive, but that is only half of it – it needs to be done in the present moment. Doing so can save considerable grief and angst.

• Since we must forgive in the present moment, forgiveness includes acceptance; acceptance of others, or in other words, forgiving them for being different, the way they are, or how they think. It includes acceptance of situations and things we cannot control and are perhaps wiser not trying to control.

• It is easy to forgive people from a distance. Yet what is easy at a distance becomes quite difficult to do face to face. Old habits of anger toward certain persons still creep up no matter how much you believe you have forgiven.

• Most people not aware of their hidden resentments or childhood programming regarding forgiveness. They simply do not see its impact on the present or even acknowledge it exists. The intellectual acknowledgment of forgiveness, or even the belief of having forgiven someone, is not the same as actual forgiveness.

• It seems logical to conclude that almost anyone who says they are over it and have forgiven everyone is most likely unaware of their own lack of forgiveness, fooling themselves, or among the few who are simply posturing. My bet is that together we could have them seething in just a few minutes or less.

The biggest lesson learned is that I have farther to go than believed before the 40 days started and am pretty certain most other people do too. I have not forgiven as much as I thought. It was only the intellectual idea that I had and in some cases the actual belief.

Until a person looks at a map to see where they are starting and acknowledges where they are on the map, the map won’t do much good. Looking at forgiveness with an honest open mind and searching out where you really are on the map is an important place to start.

If you are interested in the free forgiveness sample, go to this link and click the download button:
(Please note that I am in no way affiliated with this product and I have no idea how long the owner intends to keep the free offer or site.)

Article by Paul Nieto – Old Dirt Road

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The New Proclamation – I AM Free

The New Proclamation – I will no longer accept appearances. I will no longer accept the world’s manipulations and lies. I will no longer accept sickness or the sickness others. I will proclaim truth, health, and wellness instead. photo razor barbed wire

I will no longer accept my limited finances as a reality of life. I will proclaim wealth and riches instead. I will no longer accept the prison of my employment as part of life. I will proclaim freedom instead.

I will no longer accept anything that the world proclaims or teaches. From now on, it will be suspect and subject to questioning, for so much of it has proven untrue. I will see and seek the truth instead. I will accept only on the facts of this world that are of benefit to me or everyone else. I will cast away the rest of their teachings of bondage.

I will no longer see myself as a prisoner of this life and world. I will proclaim that I am a spiritual being and a member of a different world. I will let no man or women of the world led me or guide me. I will strive to listen to the voice of God, the Creator, the Supreme Force, the True Source of all that is real.

It is finished. I am not of this world. I am a spiritual being. I will grow into that spirit that the World is preventing me from becoming. And if some dare to say, I am wrong so what? Won’t we all just die the same then anyway? There is and can be no added loss in this path, unlike the world’s path that proves loss and suffering over and over again. On the contrary, there can only be gain on this path.

Today I depart from the tyranny and enslavement this world and begin the journey to Truth, justice, freedom and the True Reality that our captors in this world so fear
us from finding. From now on, I am free. We are all free. Today I seek Truth and only Truth.

Click here for the meditation video with 2 channel audio The New Proclamation video on Youtube.

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How and Why This Blog Started

pocketwatch classic and antique-book

It was time. The book was ready to be written. Counting the ones never finished, I suppose it would be my fifth. This time, however, was going to be different. I read the writing courses, studied the rules, studied the material of some of the most successful writers, and better yet took a course by one of the best editors who had edited some of the best authors ever. All my typed notes on how to write a commercial success needed a two-inch notebook to hold them.

Character creation, the story arch, tension, plot types, turning points, plot twists, and classic story outlines; hours had been spent doing the exercises. The lead female character that had all the proper elements. She and all the supporting characters were created with a template created from the fusion of some the best character creation methods. After months of study and work, everything was down to following an outline, and filling in the details. The surprise would be in the details

Then suddenly, the inspiration vanished. Who wants to follow a bunch of rules and fill in blanks? Still, that was what needed to have any chance of even a small commercial success. I put the folder with the printed outline and carefully constructed characters in my basement.

Maybe I was actually more interested in what I wanted to say and write than to entertain as many readers as humanly possible – that was the first rule to be broken. The action is another rule – there must always be action and conflict in every scene of a fiction novel, and especially in the dialogue. No one wants to read long narrative typical of the 19th century anymore. Not having enough action is to bring certain death before the work is even published.

It’s one thing to not know the rules and write not using them from lack of knowledge, and another to break them once you have learned and practiced them. That is when the idea for “The Old Dirt Road” was born. It was an idea for a completely different book than the one that was outlined, the one down in my basement. Hell with the rules. To hell with successful formulas.

Life is about exploring deeper and more meaningful things. So what if only 100 people ever read this new work it and the reviews are bad. Another rule was broken – Do not write what you like, rather write what the readers want and like. Don’t we have enough of that already? Think how many follow those people following the so-called rules fail anyway. There is never a guarantee.

Life is too short. Time is running out. We need to do what drives us, or makes us tick and not just jump through hoops for the approval and money of others. With a blog, a person can write whatever they wish, work out ideas, their values, explore the purpose of existence, reflect on the import things of life and even work out book ideas. And if the book is never done – so what?

Paul Nieto – The Old Dirt Road