Gangaji – what do you want?

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What do you really want? Do you know? Could you possibly only think you do? Maybe thinking about it seems as a waste of time. There are so many responsibilities.  “It’s just pie in the sky.” Life dictates too many other obligations. Continue reading “Gangaji – what do you want?”

Psychosomatics and the Rewards of Illness

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ACIM among several other philosophies teaches that illness is a choice and when we no longer find value in it, we no longer invest in it and it withdraws. Others will claim illness is simply misdirected thought. Continue reading “Psychosomatics and the Rewards of Illness”

The Darker Side of Charity

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Is charity a killer in disguise? Here we look at this question, without emotion, from a perspective of mathematics and cause and effects relationships. Continue reading “The Darker Side of Charity”

We Just Moved in From Blogspot!

The move from to has completed. Now for some housecleaning. Hopefully all the formatting will be cleaned up in about a week.

 For the entire technical story, why and how, click here (Long post 1800 words) or just continue with the blog….

The Old Dirt Road formerly on Blogspot.

The Ego and the Tyranny of the Superego

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The Freudian model is a great representation, but keep in mind it is only a model. The model points the way and conveys the information, but your brain does not have 3 separate compartments with walls between them. It is not a three in one trinity. Continue reading “The Ego and the Tyranny of the Superego”

When Someone Advances and No Longer Has Time for You

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Often when a person advances, old friends or supporters will notice that the person no longer has the time for them that they once did. One may think or say things such as “he’s changed.” Notice that change is framed as though it is a bad thing. But is it? Maybe, maybe not, but since when is not changing a virtue? Isn’t life by nature generally about change and growth? Continue reading “When Someone Advances and No Longer Has Time for You”