Psychosomatics and the Rewards of Illness

ACIM among several other philosophies teaches that illness is a choice and when we no longer find value in it, we no longer invest in it and it withdraws. Others will claim illness is simply misdirected thought.

When I was in college, I was amazed to discover how I would get sick at the times I needed to get away from all the stress of work and school combined. I simply thought it was the body’s way of helping, that it possessed an inner wisdom. I would never have bought into any theory that it was I who created it with my mind. Now I wonder.

Initially, the idea someone is creating their own illness does not sound very credible to them. They may become angry for mentioning such an idea. Still, buried in our unconscious are many conflicting values and teachings given to us by our families, education, religions, and society.

One of the many subtle teachings society gives us is that illness has its rewards. As children, we learned it gets us out of things. When a child is sick, especially with something contagious, he stays home from school. The child is often excused from any household responsibilities. If the child is sick enough, mom will stay home. The child will get special attention, even perks such as breakfast in bed and the television moved into his room. Sometimes the patient will get special deserts.

Faking an illness works just as well. Both children and adults play “hooky” to avoid school and work. Most adults have a paid day off. If you want a nice family day, call in sick and write notes to the kid’s teachers.

Even partial sickness or injury works. I remember kids who were well enough for everything in school except for Physical Education class. That was the ultimate, getting excused from gym class. Sometimes we envied them.

For those who feel guilty or dishonest about deceit, a little bit of convincing may be required. “Maybe the thermometer will show a fever and back my desire so I won’t have to tell a lie.” The more skilled among us learn how to create the illnesses or the symptoms.

Eventually, the minds of honest people can unconsciously create the infirmities for them. They no longer have the guilt of lying. It’s a really cool trick that they aren’t even aware they possess. Instead, they modestly credit germs, genetics, environment, or another phenomenon.

 photo woman-698948_200 x 299_zpsnwomatuf.jpgDid you ever hear someone say the following? “It’s flu season. I know I’m going to get sick. I always do.” Soon after they are sick. It is a classic case. The focus on sickness repays this person by manifesting itself into an illness. But at least now they can prove they were right.

Some people lack love or attention. What better cure than through a medical condition? What worked as a child works as an adult, however not quite to the same degree. Yet it will often attract attention or sympathy.

The more diabolical of our society will create the illness onto their children. They get all the benefits of sympathy and attention, without having to manifest the illness. Most of us have met parents that keep a child in a suspended state of infirmity while appearing to be good parents or even appearing as heroes or saints. Not even Child Services would lay a hand on them.

Some find illness or infirmity financially beneficial. You can receive money from the government or insurance companies. You could a get a big bonanza for an injury, or may get minimal financial support for life. You no longer need to work. Some people create their own disabilities, even thru accidents. Naturally, it is at the unconscious level.

Don’t forget good old-fashioned masochism, self-punishment, and martyrdom. Here is where the unconscious rears its ugly head. Parts of our society teaches things such as suffering is a virtue. There is nobility in suffering. Sacrifice is a virtue. We also believe the guilty should be accountable for their crimes. We also feel it is good to help the sick. With teachings like this, is it any wonder some wear their ailments as a badge?

If we believe ourselves guilty, and undeserving of anything good, we may unconsciously use illness to fulfill another unconscious need for punishment or justice. If we dislike ourselves enough we may inflict pain unconsciously. It is even possible for a person to like pain at the unconscious level, in direct contrast to what is consciously thought to be believed. In such a case, the illness fulfills the unconscious need.

It can also be a case of “look how much I sacrifice! I did everything till I got sick, and no one appreciates it.”

Sickness and disabilities can also be revenge, a husband’s way of punishing the wife or the wife’s way to punish the husband. Sometimes a heart attack or an ulcer can prove how bad and stressful someone or something has been to you.

In summary, psychosomatic sickness and injuries can assist you with the following. They can get you out of work, get you sympathy, help you avoid things you do not want to do, get you money, allow you to punish yourself, prove you are right, or can be used for revenge.

As for me, I seem to give myself headaches. Both a medical doctor and an eye doctor found nothing wrong. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. I have not yet discovered what my unconscious thinks of these headaches. Maybe I want them and just do not know it yet.

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2 Replies to “Psychosomatics and the Rewards of Illness”

  1. When I used to work at my soul sucking job I was sick every single day. I do believe I created it in my head. It was mostly stomach problems or headaches. So when I finally walked away from that job an decided I tortured myself long enough I no longer got sick. This year alone I’ve not had flu or stomach problems. Last year the same. I basically removed my stressors. Not everyone has the support to do that though but I was blessed that I could. You should also look into metaphysical anatomy. Evette Rose is the founder and wrote a book on it. So in simple terms she says that emotions and your thoughts are linked to ailments. I tested this theory when I had back pain last winter. So how I do it is I imagine the part of me that’s in pain(my back) as a type of character. It speaks and moves a certain way with facial expressions. I then ask it why it’s in pain and what’s the purpose for it. Yes whatever talks back, you should listen to it. It will sound like you’re talking to yourself but it’s your subconscious talking back.I was told my back pain was because I was shutting the world out again. It was winter so I didn’t really feel like being around people. I promised my ‘back character’ that I’ll try to get out more and I was just present with it to help it feel better. So my back pain disappeared in a few days after I went out and started talking to people again. It sounds insane lol but it works. I used it for other pains and there was always something behind it. Like the pain I got in my heart was because I loved someone I couldn’t be with and I had to comfort my heart. It also tells me sometimes to take an aspirin to thin my blood a little. That’s when it’s more physical and not emotional. Try it on your headaches. See what comes up and deal with it. It should help I believe.

  2. You are so correct! You brought up some good points. I forgot about the emotional connection. Things such as fear and worry causing ulcers is a good example. Stress and negative emotions can do a lot of bad things to your health. In some circles, it is even linked to cancer.

    Some people perhaps do feel trapped or are trapped. I suppose the only thing a person can do in that situation is to change their outlook.

    I too had sicknesses when I was in bad situations. I seemed to have forgotten about that until I read your reply.

    At one point it was suggested I have back surgery. Fortunately, I did not have insurance. I met a man who had the surgery and he told me not to do it. He was in the same pain, but now lacked the flexibility he formerly had.

    Another doctor suggested exercising. I did not like that idea. Eventually, I went to a chiropractor whenever I could afford it and exercised a bit every day. I did that for years. The problem went away.

    The book you mentioned sounds interesting. There are many ways a person can be healed. Many people mock alternative healing because of their belief in modern medicine. Modern medicine has a monopoly on the market and on the people’s loyalty and beliefs.

    One thing I find in common with different methods of healing is the intention. You, for example, had the intention to get better. You were willing to try alternative things. You imagined, believed, and saw a better situation. You held on to the dream and it happened. In other words, you had a strong intention. I suppose I did the same, only I never realized what I was doing or what was happening.

    Think of all the people that just accept what the doctors say. They have given up. If an alternative is offered, they cling to the bad news the doctor has given them. It never occurs to them that he could be wrong. They have no belief that things can change and often do change. The even mock the alternatives. Often they go as far as taking ownership of the disease and making it part of their identity. Sometimes they try alternative things but in the back of their minds they believe it is hopeless.

    Once fear takes over, things almost become hopeless. There is an old proverb saying, that when we focus on fear too much, we create the thing that frightens us. Once you fear you that you will not get better, and begin to believe in that fear or let it take over, success is much less likely.

    I also have done all those things. I suppose in some ways I got lucky. No one teaches us these things so we turn to experts. If I listed to doctors I would be partially disabled and addicted to drugs. I am not saying doctors are bad. They can save lives. But there are some things they can do and some they can’t. The have a time and place.

    I think perhaps the mind is the strongest healer. It may need outside help from doctors or other healing methods, but if the mind, consciously and unconsciously, is not in agreement, the situation is not likely to get better.

    Thanks for the reply – it really made me think about a lot of things.

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