When Someone Advances and No Longer Has Time for You

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Often when a person advances, old friends or supporters will notice that the person no longer has the time for them that they once did. One may think or say things such as “he’s changed.” Notice that change is framed as though it is a bad thing. But is it? Maybe, maybe not, but since when is not changing a virtue? Isn’t life by nature generally about change and growth? Continue reading “When Someone Advances and No Longer Has Time for You”

Does Your Ex Really Exist?

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Sometimes things seem like they couldn’t have been real, yet we know we didn’t imagine them. What we think or believe about other people is based on perception therefore only a concept.
Our perceptions about relationships come from the instructions or programming of our families, cultural media, schooling, religious teachings, personal preferences and other influences.

Continue reading “Does Your Ex Really Exist?”