12 Pitfalls and Blocks to Personal Growth and Improvements

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Why do so many self-improvement projects fizzle away? The best of our intentions sometimes seem to dwindle away within weeks. Why do we start only to quit? What is it that stops us from improving? Below we will explore a few of the many blocks and pitfalls. Continue reading “12 Pitfalls and Blocks to Personal Growth and Improvements”

Thoughts on Healing the Adult Wounded Inner Child

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As young growing children, we were all wounded to some degree. It is impossible not to be. The wounded inner child carried into adulthood received its wounds from many places. It was not only the parents who hurt and wounded us. The list can include grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and any other caretakers. As a child ages, the list gets bigger, including the school system, religion, friends, and peer groups for starters.

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Thoughts on the Ego, Discontent, and Ambivalence

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When the ego through the means of guilt steers you into repeatedly doing something that you do not really want to do, in order to relieve the guilt for example; it often creates resentment. In summary, the ego and its perception (often miss-perception) creates the issue and offers one a solution, only to either repeat a similar situation or manufacture a new one. By similar egoic processes, even the good things in life must eventually, in the least, turn to a state of some sort of ambivalence. Things such as love, hope, and joy must either end, become boring, turn fearful, or turn bittersweet with problems. Continue reading “Thoughts on the Ego, Discontent, and Ambivalence”