The New Proclamation – I AM Free

The New Proclamation – I will no longer accept appearances. I will no longer accept the world’s manipulations and lies. I will no longer accept sickness or the sickness others. I will proclaim truth, health, and wellness instead.  photo razor barbed wire

I will no longer accept my limited finances as a reality of life. I will proclaim wealth and riches instead. I will no longer accept the prison of my employment as part of life. I will proclaim freedom instead.

I will no longer accept anything that the world proclaims or teaches. From now on, it will be suspect and subject to questioning, for so much of it has proven untrue. I will see and seek the truth instead. I will accept only on the facts of this world that are of benefit to me or everyone else. I will cast away the rest of their teachings of bondage.

I will no longer see myself as a prisoner of this life and world. I will proclaim that I am a spiritual being and a member of a different world. I will let no man or women of the world led me or guide me. I will strive to listen to the voice of God, the Creator, the Supreme Force, the True Source of all that is real.

It is finished. I am not of this world. I am a spiritual being. I will grow into that spirit that the World is preventing me from becoming. And if some dare to say, I am wrong so what? Won’t we all just die the same then anyway? There is and can be no added loss in this path, unlike the world’s path that proves loss and suffering over and over again. On the contrary, there can only be gain on this path.

Today I depart from the tyranny and enslavement this world and begin the journey to Truth, justice, freedom and the True Reality that our captors in this world so fear
us from finding. From now on, I am free. We are all free. Today I seek Truth and only Truth.

Click here for the meditation video with 2 channel audio The New Proclamation video on Youtube.

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    1. Thank you for visiting. Also, it means a lot to me to that a teacher liked my post! It is like a confirmation that I am on the correct path or at least close to it. Thanks again.

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