From the Dark Side of Light Chasers

Story of the Golden Buddha.

In 1957 in monastery in Thailand was being relocated and a group of monks was put in charge of moving the giant Clay Buddha.  Amid the move one of the monks noticed a crack in the Buddha.  Concerned about damaging the idle, the monks decided to wait for a day before continuing with their tasks,

When night came one of the monks came back to check on the giant statue.  He shined his flashlight over the entire Buddha.  We’ve reached a crack he saw something reflected at him.  The monk, his curiosity aroused, got a hammer and chisel and began chipping away at the clay the Buddha.  Then as he knocked off piece after piece of clay, the Buddha got brighter and brighter after hours of work the monk looked up in amazement to see standing before him a huge solid gold Buddha.

Many historians believe the boot ahead and covered with clay by time monks several hundred years earlier before an attack by the Burmese army.  They covered a Buddha to keep it from being stolen.  In the attack, all the monks were killed, so was not until 1957, when the monks were removed, that the giant statue, that the great treasure was discovered.

Like the boot on our outer shell, the real treasure is hidden within.  We human beings unconsciously hide our inner gold under a layer of clay.  All we need to uncover our goal is to have the courage to chip away at our shell piece by piece.

From the Dark Side of Light Chasers, Chapter Five page 55.

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